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Leave a permanent marker for your business or organization by donating to sponsor a new or renovated exhibit at the Jackson Zoo! The JZ Animal Curator is always looking for new additions, and when we have donors ready to step up quickly, it can make the process faster and more exciting!

Whether adding a new animal, procuring a companion animal to a current species, or building a new exhibit to house an entirely new species, the expansion of the animal collection is an important part of having a world-class zoo experience for the Jackson community.


Lory Landing will be an interactive aviary featuring at least 30 socialized lorikeet parrots. Guests of all ages will be able to walk through the enclosure, purchase a special cup of feed/nectar, and then engage with the colorful birds!

Of course, this project is still in the planning stages, and there is a LOT to do before we can begin! We are looking for individuals, businesses, or organizations that can be a part of this exciting new exhibit. If you want to know more about what it takes to bring new animals to the zoo, fill out the form below!

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