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Although our animal care staff follows all accredited standards for health and safety for our animals, there are ALWAYS items that bring out the best of the animals every day, or ENRICHMENT. Varied forms of enrichment encourage natural behaviors and environmental engagement, a type of behavioral care that is important to ALL species (including humans!) for a healthy existence. Get details on the different categories on our ENRICHMENT PAGE.


The animal care staff of the Jackson Zoo is a local chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keepers, or AAZK. Throughout the year, the JZKeepers AAZK Chapter arrange for extra enrichment for the animals during special events, and also raise funds to

1: Purchase new types or replenish current enrichment stores

2: Support local, national and international animal welfare causes

3: Ease communications with other animal care experts around the world

4: Help reduce the cost of additional training

Visitors and guests can help them in their cause by donating financially to the Enrichment Fund, or purchasing items from the JZKeeper Amazon Wishlist that can be shipped directly to the Jackson Zoo. Because the JZKeepers AAZK Chapter is a 501(c)3, all donations can be claimed on annual taxes and deducted to the fullest extent the IRS allows.


Jackson ZooKeeper Amazon Wishlist


JZKeepers AAZK Chapter




Molly Cadwell: The JZ KeepersHope Henry: The JZ Keepers

Anita Carver: The JZ KeepersChristina Santmyer-Daum: The JZ Keepers

Jonathan Yarbrough The JZ KeepersTena McKenzie: The JZ Keepers

Shelby Martin: The JZ KeepersKatrina Stagg: The JZ Keepers

Marcia Potts: The JZ KeepersKathy Rector: The JZ Keepers

Melinda Heath: The JZ KeepersEllen Pack: JZ Keeper Morgan

Ethan Denmark: JZ Keeper JessFelicia Cosey: Animal Care Supervisor Willie Bennett

Kristen Kern: The JZ KeepersLaura Mason: JZ Keeper Jess

David Menear: Meeko the Moon BearShyBria McWilliams: The JZ Keepers

Gene Kubacki: The JZ KeepersLiesl Okuda: The JZ Keepers

Kristen Kern: The JZ KeepersKelly Love: The JZ Keepers

Kristi Utley: JZKeeper Alex Terrell

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