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Conservation is defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary as the planned management of a resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect. When it comes to wildlife or the environment, the idea of conservation is basically the careful use and preservation of our planet, from the creatures, to the land, to the energy we create and use.

Our love for animals (which includes people, too!) means we need to help preserve not only the creatures themselves, but their habitats and homes, as well. It’s true that most of us can’t travel the globe and physically save animals and habitats, but there are things we CAN do that can help in small ways, as well as help others in direct contact with conservation efforts around the world.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle
Here at home, we can make better choices in what we do every day to help the world on a smaller scale in our community. From actively choosing recyclable materials, using reusable water bottles and straws, using run-off water for lawns, carpooling, to simply picking up trash in your neighborhood, everyone can do something to help the planet. In every way that we minimize our imprint on the planet, we help keep it healthier for longer. Tips to Live Green from

Responsible Consumerism
Another easy way to help the world is to choose where and from who you buy your products. You’ve probably already heard phrases like, “ethically sourced materials,” “using sustainable practices,” or “are fair trade certified,” and all that means is that the named companies have or are in the process of changing their production and business practices to better protect people, animals, and the environment. It may be a little more expensive, but the effects are long term, and well worth the cost.
Cruelty-free Brands or Leaping Bunny Approved
Palm-Oil Free Candy 
Sustainable Businesses
Fair Trade Information

Support Conservation Efforts
As much as some of us would love to be able to travel the world and take an active role in protecting animals and their homes, sometimes the best thing we can do is simply help those organizations that ARE out there “fighting the good fight.” You may not be able to help all of them, but you can choose one and learn more about what they do. Who to watch for in 2019 from the Nature Conservancy.

Share What You Know 
When you learn something, share it with others. Be proud of your part in making our planet a better place, and BE THE GOOD IN THE WORLD!

Visit Your Jackson Zoo!
Not only does 25 cents of every admission go to Change For Change, but by supporting your zoo, you help support all the programs that we are involved in. So, THANK YOU!

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