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APPEARANCE: Bird Run is obviously one of the oldest remaining set of buildings in the 100-year-old zoo. Since the structures cannot be updated for modern animal care needs, we are using the ones that are still safe until we can afford to build a new and ecologically superior aviary for our beloved Macaws, Amazons, and their friends. The plans are set, we are simply waiting for the right time and resources.

FEEDING: Many birds in our care are carnivores, or meat-eaters, such as the Kookaburras, Frogmouth, and the owl. Visitors may often see the remains of small mammals inside the exhibit, left over from breakfast. The meat is necessary for optimum health of the animal, but sensitive souls should be aware that all keeper prepared protein is frozen (no live feeding). 

SPEAKING: We do have a Macaw that was rescued from a human situation, and can mimic human speech patterns quite well, so you may THINK that you hear a human near you, but it is just the parrot. Otherwise, most of our birds are zoo-born and zoo-bred, meaning they are not taught to speak or do tricks. In fact, very few birds in the wild acknowledge human communication in any way. So do not take it personally if you get the cold shoulder when you say hi.

The JZ vet team often rotates the birds for regular checkups. If you don’t see one in their exhibit, chances are they will be back shortly.

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