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“Where is the cat?”

Although these endangered felines look more like the common house cat than the tiger, leopard, or cougar, they are actually the exact opposite of a domesticated feline. These medium sized “big cats” from South Asia are well-known grouches… they are primarily nocturnal, and solitary to the point of being anti-social.

Fishing cats are extremely aggressive, and very untrusting. Their main forms of communication are hisses and growls, with the occasional yowl or screech, even when with their mate or young. This behavior makes them very off-putting to any species other than their own, as a general rule, which is part of their defense system. Being smaller than the other big cats, they need to be tougher to survive.

So look between the reeds and rocks, and see if you can see one of our beloved grouches napping in the sun.

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